At Kushi, we aim to be one of the city’s finest – and most innovative – Balti Houses by only using the freshest ingredients, and constantly updating our menu with new and exciting dishes. If you are new to this type of cuisine, please ask out staff, who’ll be only to glad to help you in your choice. Our head chef, Mohammed Ali Haydor has three decades of experience as a curry chef and has travelled extensively around Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh to research some of the dishes on the menu.

Bring your own

As with many similar restaurants in Birmingham, the Kushi isn’t licensed, but you are more then welcome to bring your own alcohol to enjoy with your meal.

There is an off-license less than a minute’s walk away, and we also stock a range of soft cold drinks.

Come and visit

It’s an ideal venue for a quick meal after work, or as part of an evening out. Easily accessible from the city centre and suburban Birmingham.

You’ll notice that the menu is divided up into two different areas – the traditional balti house selection, and a new section of healthier dishes, to help those of you counting the calories.

Both of these menus are included on this website, so you can get a feel for the type of dishes on offer. If there’s an Indian dish that you like and it’s not on our menu, please phone the restuarant or ask our staff, and if we can, we’ll cook it for you.

Car parking

The Kushi also has a free car park for customers. It is behind the restaurant and is accessible from Brighton Road – off Moseley Road.

Our aim is your satisfaction

We are a family restaurant and children are more than welcome!

The word “kushi” is Bengali for “happy”, so if there’s anything we can do to make your meal more enjoyable, then please tell us.  We’d also like to thank our many loyal customers who have visited us over the years, and we hope that if you’ve not yet tried the Kushi, that we will see you soon.

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